The Wedding Preparation (#Part4): Engagement Day

15 May 2011.

Today is my birthday.
Today,, he will come to my home with his big families.
Today,, he will ask to marry me like a story in a fairytale.
Today will always be remembered by us.
Engagement Day.

It’s Sunny Sunday at 9 AM when there are four cars full of his families inside have just arrived in front of my house. My sister’s friend, Jacky, who will be responsible for taking photograph has ready to shoot them get off from the cars and start to enter my house.

“He has already came”, my sister shout at me and it makes me panic, I still have to finish my make up…

“They’ve already sat down at the chairs, you have to come out there soon”, my sister started to worry. “Okayyy,, wait a minute then, I’ll be ready very soon” I talked to her with a little shout.


and finally…

I’m 25 and I’m engaged !




The Royal Wedding: Prince William & Kate, Our Inspiration^^

Many people are saying that the theme of The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which held on 29th April 2011 was “Simple and Elegant”. It can be seems from the wedding gown of Kate Middleton was custom by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQuee, it looks pretty and simply elegant. Some experts also give opinion that the wedding gown of Kate Middleton was successfully representing Kate’s personality: plain, tough, pretty and she knows exactly what she wants. Kate Middleton looks very stunning, so gorgeous and so lovely wore the wedding gown, I love it.

In my opinion, I give her 10/10 for the wedding gown because the important things to wear a wedding gown is reflecting personality. Your wedding gown shows your character. However, her hair looked too simple and I prefer to have the hair tied up to down because I think she would be much prettier. But, overall I love the dress and the simply bucket, a shield-shaped blend of myrtle (the emblem of marriage symbolising the innocence of a bride), lily-of-the-valley (symbolising the return of happiness), sweet William (how apposite, but it also symbolises gallantry) and hyacinth (symbolising the constancy of love). It was designed by Shane Connolly.

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The Wedding Preparation (#Part3): Wedding Gift

The next step is preparing “SESERAHAN”, we planned to have 15 packages of Seserahan to be brought on D-Date of Lamaran, 15 May 2011. Why we choose 15? Because for me especially, 15 is so special due to the date of my birhday…

Below is what we planned for “Seserahan” things:
1. Theme: Blue & Silver ( Including the box, accessories, plastic and ribbon )
2. There are 15 packages that consisting of:

  • Package 1.     : Sajadah + Mukena + Al-Quran + Some books about “Moslem Wedding”
  • Package 2.    : Kain Batik Sidomukti + Sarung + Baju Koko + Cardigan ( For the Elders in the bride’s family )
  • Package 3.    : Make Up –> Powder, Blush On, Foundation, Lipstick, Lip balm, Mascara, Eye Shadow, Moisturizer, Hair brush, Comb etc.
  • Package 4.    : Toiletries –> Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Soap, Body Spa, Body Lotion, Body brush, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Towel, Face wash, etc.
  • Package 5.    : Underwear –> underpants, bra, lingerie, tank top
  • Package 6.    : Working Clothes –> Shirts, trousers, skirt
  • Package 7.    : Shoes, sandals, bags, wallet, jacket, Watch, Glasses
  • Package 8.    : Bed linen, bed cover
  • Package 9.    : Jilbab, Jilbab accessories
  • Package 10.  : Parfum & Body Spray + Hang Out Clothing
  • Package 11.   : Fruits
  • Package 12.  : Food such as Wajik, Jadah for making relationship closer and closer
  • Package 13.  : Dolls ( Big Blue )
  • Package 14.  : Pisang Raja + telor ayam +ayam jago + Beras
  • Package 15.  : Chocholate

3. The design that I would love to have is look liked below, I found the samples after browsing from the internet, such a nice seserahan :

After mine has been done, I will upload the result of the decoration on my seserahan as soon as possible to this blog.

Would You Marry Me?

Once upon a time…

Boy (W) :

If my love falls in my lap…
No other desire besides you loving me
if my beloved wants hugs
I will give you a very best of me

During the time together, we will only have love…
Since we belong together, I never have desire to get rid of my love that has been there… forever…

My love will never be running out…
It will never be tired to love you…

If my love hoping for a dream
I tried to be capable of giving the most beautiful dream

As long as I want… I will never want to be separated from you… While we try to be together, it will only vowed to love each other…forever….

Would you marry me?

Girl (R) :

Earthquakes can’t shake us
Cyclones can’t break us
Hurricanes can’t take away our love…

No, No, No, I will never say No to your love. Hug.

The Wedding Preparation (#Part2): Lamaran

Our Relationship has been long through for about 5 years since May 2006. Now is 2011, I feel that it’s the right time for getting more seriously to walk on together for all that we have been through. But, at the beginning of the year, I was suddenly getting confused because one of the parts of my past suddenly came again into my life. Everyday I pray to God and do “Salat Istikharah” because I don’t want to decide something that I don’t even feel sure about it. When I tried to share with some of my friends, they said that before we getting married, there will always be some disturbance things come out to shake all the things on my mind. They asked me not to get influence of it, especially to the relationship because it doesn’t worth at all. I don’t believe these such problems will interfere my heart until I face it up directly and slowly my heart be so sick. Things about someone we’ve ever in love much at the past were made me crazy, but I believe to Allah SWT that will always hear my pray.

Dear God,

Please help me to find out the way I am… the way it should be… show me the way to the closest way of the good things for me… take the bad things far far away from me… amien…

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The Wedding Preparation (Part#1): Wedding Theme

From now on,  we would like to think the ideas about how our wedding celebration that we are envisioning. This will become so excited for us. First time of all, we want to decide “The Wedding Theme”. I start to search over the internet about the theme. When I type the keyword “Wedding Theme”, there are several website provides unique ideas and creativity about what our wedding “look like” and it help us much to pick up one of the best theme that suits our personalities and lifestyle.

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