Wonderful Life:: Full Excitement of My 9 Months Pregnancy

Pregnancy will always be the most wanted experience for every wife in the world after marriage, including me. Since I got married with my husband on November 20, 2011, we always dream for a baby. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, for us it doesn’t matter. People around us always ask “Have you already pregnant?”, or “When will you want to have a baby? Do you decide to postpone it?” No, No, a big NO to postpone it, but we’ve just waiting for God decision. I believe that Allah will give me baby at the right time, so just keep praying and hopefully Allah will entrust us to raise a baby.

After 7 months marriage, the right time is coming… I’m Pregnant, Wow.. اَلحَمْدُ لِله

Thanks Allah,, it was a life’s miracle, there a baby inside my body, I will growing a life, a baby, how happy I am… Lalala.

Although I felt discomforts for about the early 4 months, the weight loss because no food I could eat, but I always try to eat tough I need to use the washroom every ten minutes for throwing up all the food I’ve eaten, the swollen ankles – but I always think that the end result for all of these stages is the best gift I will ever receive.

my pregnancy37 weeks of Pregnancy

Then after I passed the first stage of pregnancy, I felt a little bit comfort than before. I started to gain weight, I started to taste good on every food I ate, and I started to enjoy my pregnancy time and relaxed by stroking the pregnant belly in response to the kicking and nudging that I felt inside the womb. I also loved to hear a music classic that bought by my hubby and loved to talk to my baby. Experts believe that mother’s voice could be good stimulation for baby in prenatal stimulation.

Thanks for every support, Hubby, Love you so much…