Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes, when Hungry.

Tonight I have late dinner due to heavy rain after my office hour so that I couldn’t back home directly. After I arrived home, I was trying to find something which I can cooked them fast inside my refrigerator. I remembered that I have minced meat, green tomatoes, onions and after I opened my upper cabinet on my kitchen set, I found spaghetti and bolognese sauce of La Fonte on it. So, let’s get started cooking spaghetti bolognese. I’m impatiently.

This is it… Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes ala Chef RiaCestaLily… 😀

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Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Recipe

I love cooking broccoli. Trust me. It’s easy, fast, and so many nutrients on it. That’s why my Mom always remind me to eat broccoli in often. Besides my families were having old stories about hereditary diseases such as some forms of cancer or tumor, my Mom has never forgot to remind her daughter to always eat healthy foods which have good nutrition like fruit and vegetables. One of them is broccoli. She is hoping that this way could contribute to relieve hereditary diseases and cut the sad story from the older generation to the next generation.

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Square Beef Teppanyaki with Oyster Sauce

Finally this weekend I have a few spare time to practice cooking. Somebody asked me why I have to do cooking practice because I have never done it before. The simply answer is because now I’m not single anymore… and although I have just a beginner chef now for my family, I will always try my best to improve my cooking skills.

I loved the time when my husband ate all the dishes and said they just good enough. However, I always ask him how many I got the score for the taste of the foods, and sometimes he gave me 7 out of 10, 8 out of 10 and always support me to cook better and better. Until I get 9 out of 10 instead, I will always keep practicing :p

The special food that I’ve cooked today is Teppanyaki, I named it “Square Beef Teppanyaki with Oyster Sauce”:

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