Designing “Financial Report” Cover, Again! Love it!

The thing that makes me love with design is getting happier when it comes the result. When other people happy with my work or just give a little expression such  “I Love the design…” , “Great design…” , “Beautiful…” ,, then feel like much much happier. My heart as saying “Thank you so much if you like my design, I’ll try my best to come up with the better result and meet your expectation.” One more thing, a great happiness is when someone is repeat asking order to design again. It means that he/she is also happy with my previous work. Oh God, thank you for having some great experience in design.

Below is repeating order of Financial Report Cover::

First request in Pink.

But, finally in light brown to make it looks like formal.

However, I Love both. 😀


Create Instagram Photos with Photoshop

I believe that everybody knows what instagram is, a free photo sharing program that most happening nowadays. We can see some of friends on facebook posting their photo with instagram. It allows users to snap a picture then apply a digital filters and transform it look and feel then post it into a variety of social program such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s fast and beautiful. Unfortunately, instagram now still only support iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android users. It is can be taken from iTunes App Store for Apple’s product and Google Play for Android. So, how about people doesn’t have iOS or Android? By having a little touch up with Adobe Photoshop, we can transform photos look like instagram photos.

One of the famous filter in instagram is Nashville, here I have tutorials for editing photo by using Adobe Photoshop to have similar result such Nashville effect in Instagram.

1. Open the original photo which is going to be edited:

2. Click New Layer at the right corner of Layers pallet or press (Shift + Ctrl + N)

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Designing “Cover” project during my office Leisure time

The clock is showed at 4.30 pm after having an internal meeting with my colleagues, I still have for about 30 minutes to go home on time. But, suddenly my friend’s boss asked me to help them design the cover book of financial report 2011. I’ve been working at Financial Planning Division, General Inspectorate,  Ministry of Finance since November 2010 and become parts of Financial Budgeting Division with my three other colleagues. Most of the time I’m dealing with numbers, report, finance, budget and much more.

However, I will be very happy if I could help them in accomplishing the assignments especially in design matters such as brochure design, cover design, banner or standing banner. I think that it could refresh my brain from seeing numbers all day long. What a lotta love to do that 😀

Cause I feel that I’m not really busy at this time, I’m trying to help them design the cover as good as I could. Hopefully they will love my design and for me it will be the place for improving my ability in creating cover design. Thank you for trust me to help you in this kind of project. I took for about 20 minutes to have a final touch in this design and here is the result:

Financial Report 2011

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Pre Wedding Photos (Edited By Myself)

I love photos, I love photography, and I pretty much love editing on it. Here I upload some of the result of my edited photos using Adobe Photoshop for my pre wedding photos. For doing some editing project for my wedding, it also can reduce our budget for pre wedding.

RW8Picture 1. Green Blossom Luminous in Love

SingaporePicture 2. Merlion with Love in Sky Blue Sea

BasketballPicture 3. Basketball under the Red Love Sky