Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections โ€“ Part 4

Nowadays, pashmina and hijab styles are growing up more and more. Many hijabers created their own creative style in using hijab, but most of them haven’t sharing the tutorials. Some of my friends asked me to post again the tutorials I’ve collected from the internet so they could have some adding inspiration beside collecting hijab tutorial books. While being beautiful hijabers come easier, don’t forget to get the essence of being hijabers that is being closer to Allah Swt.

Here I’ve collected more originally comes from Malaysian blogs;

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Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections โ€“ Part 3

At this part, I want to share some tutorials from personal blogs that may also become our inspiration in hijab stylish. When I collected the tutorials from the internet, I realize that using hijab in more creative ways made us being more confidence when we go out with our families or friends.

Here are the tips from moslem stylish:

easy but cool…

For Beautiful Hijab Brooch Collections, klik our first July “Flower Blossom” Collections.

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Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections – Part 2

Have you tried one of the previous hijab tutorials? Hopefully it may help you to improve your creativity and ideas of wearing hijab. The next tutorials I loved came from one of famous hijab online shops in Malaysia, scarfsweethoney, the hijab were so adorable and beautiful. It looks comfortable to wear and I thought many ideas could be found there to help you in creating your own style. Let’s check the tutorials below:

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Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections – Part 1

Today, I want to share tutorial pictures about how to wear beautiful hijab which all of them I’ve got by browsing on the internet. They come from some moslem fashion websites and some from personal websites. Hopefully these tutorials collected could help us to improve our creativity in using hijab as a moslem girl or hijabers. There are so many tutorials I found on the internet that we can try them one by one at home and find the best style fit to our personality.

Nowadays, many moslem are difficult to decide wearing hijab, this is certainly true for reverts, but may also be true for them whose families or even whose cultures are not particularly observant. However, I hope Insya Allah will be helpful to us who are considering wearing hijab but find that something is holding them back. Start to ask our deepest heart inside, about what is true and what is wrong by ignoring much information which are conflicting, find something you are really trust on it, and that’s what we called it “a believe”.

Okay, now let’s get started to see what I’ve been collected from the internet. These first tutorials come from facebook page of Moshaicht Fashion District, one of the hijabstore that located near my office. I have been there for several times and really enjoy the hijab fashion they were offered. Here are some of the tutorials of wearing hijab from them:

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Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes, when Hungry.

Tonight I have late dinner due to heavy rain after my office hour so that I couldn’t back home directly. After I arrived home, I was trying to find something which I can cooked them fast inside my refrigerator. I remembered that I have minced meat, green tomatoes, onions and after I opened my upper cabinet on my kitchen set, I found spaghetti and bolognese sauce of La Fonte on it. So, let’s get started cooking spaghetti bolognese. I’m impatiently.

This is it… Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes ala Chef RiaCestaLily… ๐Ÿ˜€

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Broccoli with Oyster Sauce Recipe

I love cooking broccoli. Trust me. It’s easy, fast, and so many nutrients on it. That’s why my Mom always remind me to eat broccoli in often. Besides my families were having old stories about hereditary diseases such as some forms of cancer or tumor, my Mom has never forgot to remind her daughter to always eat healthy foods which have good nutrition like fruit and vegetables. One of them is broccoli. She is hoping that this way could contribute to relieve hereditary diseases and cut the sad story from the older generation to the next generation.

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It’s Beautiful Strawberry Fields in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

After I had successfully have an experience to pick apples from the trees, now I want to feel the experience of harvesting strawberries from a large strawberry fields. The location is next to the place of Agrowisata Apples in Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. so we did not need much effort to go there. Although it was not the right time to harvest the strawberries, but some of them have already fully colored which mean they were ripe enough to be harvested.

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It’s Apple Picking Time – in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

A big horaiiii that finally I could step my foot in here…. Malang city, the city where my husband was born and grew up until he graduated from his college. All this time, I’ve just heard from him about the city where he had spent the time when he’s still a child and how he played with his friends. He told me his story that he grew up in the city which the air still cool and fresh. Malang is also famous of its farm, especially Apple farm, but now it’s not only just Apple farm, Malang is also famous of its strawberry farm and vegetables farm. They offered the people to enjoy picking apple from its tree by themselves, and when it came to harvest time, they offered to picking the apples and eat them as much as you can at the farm.

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Exploring Suramadu Bridge #Surabaya-Madura

This is my first experience to feel crossing Suramadu bridge which is connecting Surabaya City in the east of Java Island with Madura Island. The length of the bridge is for about 5.438 m and being considered as the longest bridge in Indonesia. Before the bridge was built and started its operation on June 2009, people were crossing the sea by using Ferry and Speed Boat. But now, they could easily go to Surabaya by car or motorcycle through the bridge.

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Square Beef Teppanyaki with Oyster Sauce

Finally this weekend I have a few spare time to practice cooking. Somebody asked me why I have to do cooking practice because I have never done it before. The simply answer is because now I’m not single anymore… and although I have just a beginner chef now for my family, I will always try my best to improve my cooking skills.

I loved the time when my husband ate all the dishes and said they just good enough. However, I always ask him how many I got the score for the taste of the foods, and sometimes he gave me 7 out of 10, 8 out of 10 and always support me to cook better and better. Until I get 9 out of 10 instead, I will always keep practicing :p

The special food that I’ve cooked today is Teppanyaki, I named it “Square Beef Teppanyaki with Oyster Sauce”:

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The beautiful Tidung Island will never been forgotten

I still remember when I visit Tidung Island with my bestfriends, which is located in Thousands Island, Jakarta, Indonesia. The beautiful beach and its coral fused into unforgettable panorama which everybody who already been there would be feel the same with me. I really missed the time when I was there.

Together with my friends, we acrossed the sea for about three hours from Muara Angke port to Tidung Island by using an engine boat. We spent the time by playing cards game inside the boat so we could forget the seasick for a while. Sometimes we could see dolphins jump out of the sea in pairs. So beautiful…

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Classifying messy files inside my desktop into sightly files

For the next one month ahead I will join a JFA training outside my office from February 13th until March 9th 2012, and will not available at my desk. That’s why, I think that I should organize and tidy up my files in the computer. So when my friends need some data from my desktop, the files will be easier to find.

First step, I look inside my documents and data, Oh My God… so messy… you can check it out below:

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Designing “Cover” project during my office Leisure time

The clock is showed at 4.30 pm after having an internal meeting with my colleagues, I still have for about 30 minutes to go home on time. But, suddenly my friend’s boss asked me to help them design the cover book of financial report 2011. I’ve been working at Financial Planning Division, General Inspectorate,ย  Ministry of Finance since November 2010 and become parts of Financial Budgeting Division with my three other colleagues. Most of the time I’m dealing with numbers, report, finance, budget and much more.

However, I will be very happy if I could help them in accomplishing the assignments especially in design matters such as brochure design, cover design, banner or standing banner. I think that it could refresh my brain from seeing numbers all day long. What a lotta love to do that ๐Ÿ˜€

Cause I feel that I’m not really busy at this time, I’m trying to help them design the cover as good as I could. Hopefully they will love my design and for me it will be the place for improving my ability in creating cover design. Thank you for trust me to help you in this kind of project. I took for about 20 minutes to have a final touch in this design and here is the result:

Financial Report 2011

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Happy Monday, Instead of getting all days in vain

After having my holidays on Saturday to Sunday, I have to keep my breath back fully with my spirit for getting up on Monday Morning. The daily routine will begin, should get started to work for the next five days. All activities from waking up, taking a bath, cooking meals for breakfast, riding a motorbike to the office, those are having to be faced every working day. From Monday to Sunday, I think that Monday is the laziest day among others, agree? ๐Ÿ˜€

Till I’ve got these tips from one of my boss at the office, believe me, it works. He shared few tips for facing the lazy Monday and how to pull up our spirit for working better all day long and for so on.

First, Don’t get mad along your way to office.

There a lot of things that could making you suddenly getting mad along your way to office. When you are taking a train to the office, there’s someone not accidentally hitting on you and she asked for apologize directly. Try to forgive her and keep your smile instead!

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Hanging out for Yummy Teppanyaki on Saturday Night

I knew that I’m not single anymore, I’ve just getting married with my lovely man, my husband. Exactly on November 20, 2011 I officially became a wife. What a Great Life I have, Thanks to Allah for everything I have.

This Saturday night after having lazy time all day long, I asked my husband to treat me for dinner…and guest what the restaurant I choose?? Yups…Teppanyaki at Koi Teppanyaki, Mall Artha Gading, 3rd Floor, since the place was very close from our house. Hmmm… I’ve already imagine how delicious and yummy the slice beef, shrimp, scallops, lobster, chicken and assorted vegetables cooked together in the big plate called iron griddle.ย  The chef will cooked them in front of the guests at restaurants. So let’s go and taste teppanyaki before I feel more hungry because of my yummy food imagination.

Slice Beef Teppanyaki @Rp 28,000

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Riding Horse Like a “Coboy” in De Ranch, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia

Actually I haven’t made any plan yet to go to Bandung at the weekend. However one of my husband’s friends invited us to come to their wedding reception in Bandung. Suddenly, I became so excited to go there although it took almost 3 hours from Jakarta, the place I lived. I asked my husband to visit De Ranch in Lembang after we’ve came to the wedding and he agreed with my proposal. Horrayyy… ๐Ÿ˜€

I will ride a horse like a “coboy”, what will be a wonderful experience I have!

After arrived at De Ranch, I definitely amazed with the place. It is surrounded by mountains and everywhere looks green, I felt so fresh and relax…. Looks like awesome place ๐Ÿ˜€

I thought not really much people have known about De Ranch, that’s why only few visitors come here with their families. Maybe because the place is still new in Lembang and not so many television channel broadcast about it. However, this is became my fortune because I could feel riding a horse in a big yard like I’m the owner. First time I have to wear the waistcoat and the hat so I will be looked like a “Coboy” ๐Ÿ˜€

I’m a Coboy

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