Create Instagram Photos with Photoshop

I believe that everybody knows what instagram is, a free photo sharing program that most happening nowadays. We can see some of friends on facebook posting their photo with instagram. It allows users to snap a picture then apply a digital filters and transform it look and feel then post it into a variety of social program such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. It’s fast and beautiful. Unfortunately, instagram now still only support iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android users. It is can be taken from iTunes App Store for Apple’s product and Google Play for Android. So, how about people doesn’t have iOS or Android? By having a little touch up with Adobe Photoshop, we can transform photos look like instagram photos.

One of the famous filter in instagram is Nashville, here I have tutorials for editing photo by using Adobe Photoshop to have similar result such Nashville effect in Instagram.

1. Open the original photo which is going to be edited:

2. Click New Layer at the right corner of Layers pallet or press (Shift + Ctrl + N)

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