Pleasurable Moment at Pasar Ah Poong, Sentul City

I guessed for almost people in the world, weekend days are always become the days that everybody has been waiting for every week, including me and my husband. We’ve committed to share our weekend for having activities in order to build a good bonding between us and our lovely baby girl, Raisa Alfathiyya Nadira.

Pasar Ah Poong

Not only going to the new place that we’ve never been there before, we also like to try new food or culinary. Before we order the food, we have to buy member card. There are two different member card, once a life time and regular card. Once a life time card is becoming a member forever with no minimum deposit and expiration days. Regular card is becoming a member with no minimum deposit and the rest of your money will be expired in 30 days.

pasar ah poong-culinary

The view at night is also great,, beautiful lamps at the river’s edge. We really enjoyed the night here..

ah poong malam hari

Someday I will be back again not only because of the yummy food and snacks, but also because we haven’t tried the canoe that can be ride for free.


Going to Mother & Baby Fair 2013 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta

Welcome to the motherhood,, this is the first time I visit Mother&Baby Fair at Balai Kartini though they’ve already held the same event every year and this is the sixth event. I usually come to such fair like Jakarta International Expo,Property Expo, Franchise & License Expo or come to Jakarta Great Sale/Midnight sale and now……. I’m becoming a newly happy mommy, this such biggest event for mother and baby is a must event I have to join :D. The event is located in Balai Kartini Expo, Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 37, it held from 26-29 September 2013.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_3

First, information about this event I got from their website, from this website I could see the whole information about the rundown, the exhibitors who open the booth, the facilities that we probably need during the event. For entering ticket, they sell Rp 15.000,- / person (free for children under 5 years old), or we can get free 3 tickets by exchanging Mother & Baby Magazine, or 3 used children books that still in good condition. Because I don’t have much time to buy the magazine so I choose to buy the tickets on the spot. I go there with my hubby, my baby and my sister, the baby is free ticket. From the website, they state the event started from 9 am till 8 pm, but actually the locket open at 10 o’clock, fiuhhh…and they let the visitors have long queue to buy the ticket and stick to open at 10 am, inconsistently with the website info I think.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_4

Second, I’ve already make some buying item list on my tablet, I’m afraid that if I’m not making a list I will go everywhere and just buy unimportant things :p and before I enter the fair I’ve already marked the location of the booths on the brochure map the place I need to visit to get the wanted item. I also make some price scanning on the online shop or mall to compare the price on the fair. If it is cheaper then I will definitely buy there. If not…hmmm…then back to online shop or ITC of course. hehehehe.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_2

These are all of the lists:

1. Konicare, buying minyak telon etc. for min. purchase of Rp 50,000,- then will get free baby massage. (this info I get from forum discussion about the event, because I go there on the last day, I could read first the review from Mommies that already came).

—>> checked (V). I bought minyak telon plus with anti mosquito, talcum powder for “biang keringat”, and liquid lotion for irritation (red skin),, all costs Rp 60.000,- and my baby get free massage from  physiotherapist #happy

2. Velvet clothes due to its distributors open the booth directly with dicount items and exclusive models that were not provided / yet distributed maybe in ITC/online shop. I bought 3 pairs clothes and all costs only for Rp 85.000,- #happy

3. Upgrade size for my medela harmony breast pump because the normal size was hurt enough, it costs Rp 81.000,-

4. Drooler bibs, wash cloths from Luvable friends, all costs Rp 120.000,-

5. Baby carriage @75.000,-

6. Baby Cloth Diapers from Pempem @Rp 65.000,- and insert double bamboo @Rp 32.000,-

7. Mother&Baby Cover Magazine Photo Booth @Rp50.000,- and Baby Character Photo Booth @Rp55.000,-

wanted itemAbove of all,, the happiest time is knowing my baby’s father really care of us during the expo. He also wait for us patiently when I go to breastfeeding room and after that have a fun playing with our baby (bonding time). Besides, quality time with the baby’s aunty also makes me happy all the time.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013

Thanks Allah for every little time I’ve spent with them. Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin.

Holiday time with family in Kampoeng China, Cibubur

kampun Cina, 18082013

Eid Fitri Holiday is almost over, before we all back to work and other routine daily activities, my husband and I want to go somewhere with our baby and nieces spending time together. I asked him to go to kampoeng China Cibubur, the place that located just near our home and also the right destination with low budget, fun, and excited. So then we decide to go there, its only need 30 minutes to reach the place from Jababeka. No need ticket to enter the place or everyone can visit the place for free.

Kampoeng China is located inside Kota Wisata Cibubur, after exit tol Cibubur, just trying to catch out Kota Wisata gate in the left way, turn left and follow the sign to Kampoeng China until we find gate with title “Gerbang Kemakmuran”, we’ve just arrived. However we need extra time to find the right parking area due to full parking lot.

Kampung China

We could see many shops inside kampung China which are selling Chinese stuff; clothes, umbrella, bags, ornaments, face masks,etc. with affordable prices there. I only spend Rp 20,000 for my baby chinese dress and Rp 30,000 for mu hubby’s shirt. The bags also worth it started from Rp 50,000. I also could find sandals with price starting from Rp 10,000… Woow!

Kampung China barang2Going there is really feasting my eyes. The ornaments are so cute and beautiful. We also can take photos by wearing chinese traditional clothes (Han/Hanfu Clothing) but we haven’t tried it yet. Next time we go there again, we will take studio photos.

The Romantic White Crater (Kawah Putih), Bandung, West Java, Indonesia

The White Crater or Kawah Putih in Ciwidey, Bandung, West java, Indonesia is famous because its beautifully crater surrounded by mountains and its white sands around the crater that contains sulfur. Firstly I came here in 2009 with my best friends and also my boy friend, now I’m coming here again with my ex-boyfriend called husband, my sister and my husband’s friends. There are a lot of improvement since the last time I visited here. Three years ago, the single road to reach the white crater was still steep and danger but now it’s already been asphalt. There were a lot of food stalls near the crater, but now they are gathered in the same place under the crater and had more variety of foods and souvenirs (oleh-oleh). The crater looks like more treated now compared to few years ago, cleaner and fresher.

Beautiful Crater surrounded by mountains made us so grateful to God who has this beautiful nature creation. The sands are white, but the water seems green because of the sulfur-containing. We are being forbidden to jump and swim to the crater. We also being advised to use mask to protect ourselves from inhaling sulfur gas which could make us vertiginous.

Flying without wings and trying to reach the blue sky.

The trees are having no leaves, and sometimes they are useful for being photography background. Photographer usually taken photograph for newlyweds or for pre-wedding photograph. They could make some inspiration theme for photograph such as snowing time, romantic winter, foggy weather etc.

Before we enter to the white crater, we could see disability elder sit at the hut and play beautiful local music while singing. He gave special relaxation and entertainment before we enjoy the beautiful crater.

Do you have plan to come here for enjoying holiday time with family? The place is reacheable by car or public transportation. If we go by car we can go up to the second parking area near the crater, but the parking fee is so expensive, Rp 150,000/car. If we go by bus, the bus has to stop at the first parking area near the gate. Then, we continue by a mini bus to the second parking area which is next to the crater. The entering ticket is Rp 15,000/person.

It’s Beautiful Strawberry Fields in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

After I had successfully have an experience to pick apples from the trees, now I want to feel the experience of harvesting strawberries from a large strawberry fields. The location is next to the place of Agrowisata Apples in Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. so we did not need much effort to go there. Although it was not the right time to harvest the strawberries, but some of them have already fully colored which mean they were ripe enough to be harvested.

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It’s Apple Picking Time – in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

A big horaiiii that finally I could step my foot in here…. Malang city, the city where my husband was born and grew up until he graduated from his college. All this time, I’ve just heard from him about the city where he had spent the time when he’s still a child and how he played with his friends. He told me his story that he grew up in the city which the air still cool and fresh. Malang is also famous of its farm, especially Apple farm, but now it’s not only just Apple farm, Malang is also famous of its strawberry farm and vegetables farm. They offered the people to enjoy picking apple from its tree by themselves, and when it came to harvest time, they offered to picking the apples and eat them as much as you can at the farm.

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Exploring Suramadu Bridge #Surabaya-Madura

This is my first experience to feel crossing Suramadu bridge which is connecting Surabaya City in the east of Java Island with Madura Island. The length of the bridge is for about 5.438 m and being considered as the longest bridge in Indonesia. Before the bridge was built and started its operation on June 2009, people were crossing the sea by using Ferry and Speed Boat. But now, they could easily go to Surabaya by car or motorcycle through the bridge.

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The beautiful Tidung Island will never been forgotten

I still remember when I visit Tidung Island with my bestfriends, which is located in Thousands Island, Jakarta, Indonesia. The beautiful beach and its coral fused into unforgettable panorama which everybody who already been there would be feel the same with me. I really missed the time when I was there.

Together with my friends, we acrossed the sea for about three hours from Muara Angke port to Tidung Island by using an engine boat. We spent the time by playing cards game inside the boat so we could forget the seasick for a while. Sometimes we could see dolphins jump out of the sea in pairs. So beautiful…

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Riding Horse Like a “Coboy” in De Ranch, Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia

Actually I haven’t made any plan yet to go to Bandung at the weekend. However one of my husband’s friends invited us to come to their wedding reception in Bandung. Suddenly, I became so excited to go there although it took almost 3 hours from Jakarta, the place I lived. I asked my husband to visit De Ranch in Lembang after we’ve came to the wedding and he agreed with my proposal. Horrayyy… 😀

I will ride a horse like a “coboy”, what will be a wonderful experience I have!

After arrived at De Ranch, I definitely amazed with the place. It is surrounded by mountains and everywhere looks green, I felt so fresh and relax…. Looks like awesome place 😀

I thought not really much people have known about De Ranch, that’s why only few visitors come here with their families. Maybe because the place is still new in Lembang and not so many television channel broadcast about it. However, this is became my fortune because I could feel riding a horse in a big yard like I’m the owner. First time I have to wear the waistcoat and the hat so I will be looked like a “Coboy” 😀

I’m a Coboy

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Taman Bunga Nusantara, Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia

It was a great weekend when I decided to go to  Taman Bunga Nusantara in Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia.

At the first time, I heard about this garden park from my bestfriend who had already visited there. She said that there was a beautiful garden park of approximately 35 hectares of land planted with many diverse flowers, such as roses, orchids and many other unique flowers around the world could be found here.

It was just wonderful after I entered the garden park, first time I saw a big peacock in the huge garden and the body covered with beautiful flowers. I wondered how they make it such beautiful peacock. I love to take picture in front of it, but I will look like very small… Oh No!

Peacock garden park a.k.a. Taman Burung Merak

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