Komodo, My Favourite Cover Project

Heiii…finally I made it #hug…

I designed cover for this RKA-KL Project by putting Komodo as the model. Why Komodo? It was just because one of my co-workers is originally came from Flores, near Komodo Island. Komodo Island is located in Indonesia, between Sumbawa Island and Flores Island. Komodo was the largest lizard on earth, many tourists came there to directly meet with Komodo, of course they will need a guide.

What do you think when Komodo become a cover model? ^^


Designing “Financial Report” Cover, Again! Love it!

The thing that makes me love with design is getting happier when it comes the result. When other people happy with my work or just give a little expression such  “I Love the design…” , “Great design…” , “Beautiful…” ,, then feel like much much happier. My heart as saying “Thank you so much if you like my design, I’ll try my best to come up with the better result and meet your expectation.” One more thing, a great happiness is when someone is repeat asking order to design again. It means that he/she is also happy with my previous work. Oh God, thank you for having some great experience in design.

Below is repeating order of Financial Report Cover::

First request in Pink.

But, finally in light brown to make it looks like formal.

However, I Love both. 😀

Fun Scrapbooking With Friends for April’s Farewell Gift

One of my friends at my office had decided to move to another city following her husband’s home living in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia, her name is Aprilyani Nasution. She is living alone here in Jakarta while She is pregnant now and that has to be three months pregnant along she said, that’s why she is trying her best effort to come closer into her husband a few months ago. Finally, she did, the Human Resources Department in Medan’s office has approved her proposal. Woww… we were really happy to hear that while also feeling sad because it means we gonna have a “farewell” for April. Then we decide to create something for a gift that shall not make her forget our truly friendship since we’ve been together 1,5 years ago. The early idea comes from my friend, Devi, “How if we create scrapbook for April’s future baby photos as her farewell gift, we will design it by our own hand?” She said. Scrapbook? What is Scrapbook? the others asked for the explanation because some of them are just heard.

For me myself, I have known what is scrapbook and how to create scrapbook by myself because I love crafting since I’m Taurus (What’s the relationship? Think :p ). But, lately I’ve started to do scrapbook with my laptop :D, means that it’s all done by using software and all the materials are found on the internet except for the photos, the source is from my own pictures. I’ve just cropping them, combining, mixing, decorating and… done. Many website also provide easier ways to create scrapbook just by uploading photos, choosing theme, and typing some credit titles then finish. For example you could visit mixbook.com or smilebox.com. Find there how easily you make scrapbook for your photos just for free without scissors.

However the first idea of scrapbook is that we could create a memorial album by decorating, and sometimes even like making a journal of photos by combining some of scrap printed media, scrap papers or recycling paper sheets, artworks and more materials that we can use depend on what we are going to make for the design. We could make pages of the album by designing and decorating from the scratch into beautiful pages.

Here are some of the materials we need for scrapbook:

Some of recycling cutting papers with many colors to be chosen. It’s playful and fun!

Some letters from blink papers, ready for journaling our scrapbook and creating words!

Beautiful pattern papers, decorating our scrapbook with above assorted papers are really fun. They can be cut up, layered over each other, or use as background for our art design. It will be a joy for making scrapbook 100% from recycling papers.

Let us see how fun we’re doing it together.

Devi is thinking on what’s come next to decorate her unfinished scrap page.

Ose and Sita are working together on their scrap page 😀

After hours, finally we have accomplished parts of the scrapbook and take picture together with the results of our creativity design. How proud we are with the good work.

Beautiful handmade scrap pages before it combined into scrapbook.

Here we take picture with our own design of scrap pages, part of the scrapbook.

Yes! Here It is… our handmade scrapbook for April’s farewell gift. it contains 12 pages and hopefully She could arrange her future baby photos for month to month till the age is 1 year old…

This isn’t Goodbye just saying See You Next Time…

Have a Great Life in the New Place my Dear Friend, April ^^


10 Things I Dream about my Little Future House – Part 2

Every people has its own dream about what should the house looks like, including me. Cause dreaming is free and no need to spend a lot of money, lets gotta dream and remember that dream means a wish of what your heart makes…

6. I would like to have musholla room inside my house. So, the next room that should be there in my house is musholla, the place for praying as a moslem with my whole family and maybe our guests when they visit our house. It doesn’t need to be large but comfortable for praying. If possible, I will give the place for wudhu (taking a holy water before praying) beside it. Some designs of musholla room I’ve been collected from the internet like below;

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10 Things I Dream about my Little Future House – Part 1

The time always turn excitedly every I have day dreaming about my Little future house. Why little? because I loved something minimalist and not too big house actually, I’m scared being alone in a big house :D. That’s why I love something simple but war and make me comfortable to live inside. Hopefully I could  make it happen… No no no, not “I” but “We”, because I live with my husband now… 😀

1.  I would like to have my house dominated with “blue”. It has high ceiling so that the house will have good air circulation. In the afternoon also won’t need to switch on the lamp cause it will have enough sunshine entering the house. Below pictures are some inspiration for me to built the house as looked like;

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Designing “Cover” project during my office Leisure time

The clock is showed at 4.30 pm after having an internal meeting with my colleagues, I still have for about 30 minutes to go home on time. But, suddenly my friend’s boss asked me to help them design the cover book of financial report 2011. I’ve been working at Financial Planning Division, General Inspectorate,  Ministry of Finance since November 2010 and become parts of Financial Budgeting Division with my three other colleagues. Most of the time I’m dealing with numbers, report, finance, budget and much more.

However, I will be very happy if I could help them in accomplishing the assignments especially in design matters such as brochure design, cover design, banner or standing banner. I think that it could refresh my brain from seeing numbers all day long. What a lotta love to do that 😀

Cause I feel that I’m not really busy at this time, I’m trying to help them design the cover as good as I could. Hopefully they will love my design and for me it will be the place for improving my ability in creating cover design. Thank you for trust me to help you in this kind of project. I took for about 20 minutes to have a final touch in this design and here is the result:

Financial Report 2011

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Pre Wedding Photos (Edited By Myself)

I love photos, I love photography, and I pretty much love editing on it. Here I upload some of the result of my edited photos using Adobe Photoshop for my pre wedding photos. For doing some editing project for my wedding, it also can reduce our budget for pre wedding.

RW8Picture 1. Green Blossom Luminous in Love

SingaporePicture 2. Merlion with Love in Sky Blue Sea

BasketballPicture 3. Basketball under the Red Love Sky