About RiaCestaLily

10 Words That Best Describe Me

1. Blue Lover

I love everything in blue color. I love the blue sky, I love the blue sea… the beach… Someday, I love to have a blue house with blue minimalist  interior design. I love blue more than words I’ve ever said 😀

2. Cookie Monster Lover

It is because I love blue then I love to have some collections about cookie monster, one of Sesame Street’s member.

Thanks Google, you’re made the best design of cookie monster ever in the search engine :-*

3. Paris in Love

Someday I will go there, I promise! amien…

4. Newlywed who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

It categorized as metropolitan city which traffic jam almost everywhre, huftt… But, slowly I will have to adapt with the environment here.

5. Blackberry User

Yeah…I’m not a gadget freak but I can’t live without my blackberry around (BBM addicted)

6. I Love Design, I Love Photoshop

Photoshop is the best software I’ve ever had.

7. I Love Sambal (Spicy Chili Souce but not sauce)

I love to eat with sambal, I love Indonesian food especially because of the sambal 😀

8.I Love Craft (flanel craft, papercraft, scrapbooking)

Something cute by the handmade, waow I’m too excited on it, keep trying for creating craft creativity and learn from the expert to find an inspiration. Love it.

9. I Love Blogging

This is way for sharing to many people world wide.

10. I Love Traveling

Hmm… This is the activity I’ve loved most…. 😀


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