Going to Mother & Baby Fair 2013 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta

Welcome to the motherhood,, this is the first time I visit Mother&Baby Fair at Balai Kartini though they’ve already held the same event every year and this is the sixth event. I usually come to such fair like Jakarta International Expo,Property Expo, Franchise & License Expo or come to Jakarta Great Sale/Midnight sale and now……. I’m becoming a newly happy mommy, this such biggest event for mother and baby is a must event I have to join :D. The event is located in Balai Kartini Expo, Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 37, it held from 26-29 September 2013.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_3

First, information about this event I got from their website http://motherandbabyfair.com/, from this website I could see the whole information about the rundown, the exhibitors who open the booth, the facilities that we probably need during the event. For entering ticket, they sell Rp 15.000,- / person (free for children under 5 years old), or we can get free 3 tickets by exchanging Mother & Baby Magazine, or 3 used children books that still in good condition. Because I don’t have much time to buy the magazine so I choose to buy the tickets on the spot. I go there with my hubby, my baby and my sister, the baby is free ticket. From the website, they state the event started from 9 am till 8 pm, but actually the locket open at 10 o’clock, fiuhhh…and they let the visitors have long queue to buy the ticket and stick to open at 10 am, inconsistently with the website info I think.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_4

Second, I’ve already make some buying item list on my tablet, I’m afraid that if I’m not making a list I will go everywhere and just buy unimportant things :p and before I enter the fair I’ve already marked the location of the booths on the brochure map the place I need to visit to get the wanted item. I also make some price scanning on the online shop or mall to compare the price on the fair. If it is cheaper then I will definitely buy there. If not…hmmm…then back to online shop or ITC of course. hehehehe.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013_2

These are all of the lists:

1. Konicare, buying minyak telon etc. for min. purchase of Rp 50,000,- then will get free baby massage. (this info I get from Theurbanmama.com forum discussion about the event, because I go there on the last day, I could read first the review from Mommies that already came).

—>> checked (V). I bought minyak telon plus with anti mosquito, talcum powder for “biang keringat”, and liquid lotion for irritation (red skin),, all costs Rp 60.000,- and my baby get free massage from  physiotherapist #happy

2. Velvet clothes due to its distributors open the booth directly with dicount items and exclusive models that were not provided / yet distributed maybe in ITC/online shop. I bought 3 pairs clothes and all costs only for Rp 85.000,- #happy

3. Upgrade size for my medela harmony breast pump because the normal size was hurt enough, it costs Rp 81.000,-

4. Drooler bibs, wash cloths from Luvable friends, all costs Rp 120.000,-

5. Baby carriage @75.000,-

6. Baby Cloth Diapers from Pempem @Rp 65.000,- and insert double bamboo @Rp 32.000,-

7. Mother&Baby Cover Magazine Photo Booth @Rp50.000,- and Baby Character Photo Booth @Rp55.000,-

wanted itemAbove of all,, the happiest time is knowing my baby’s father really care of us during the expo. He also wait for us patiently when I go to breastfeeding room and after that have a fun playing with our baby (bonding time). Besides, quality time with the baby’s aunty also makes me happy all the time.

Mother&Baby Fair 2013

Thanks Allah for every little time I’ve spent with them. Alhamdulillahirobbilalamin.


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