10 Things I Dream about my Little Future House – Part 2

Every people has its own dream about what should the house looks like, including me. Cause dreaming is free and no need to spend a lot of money, lets gotta dream and remember that dream means a wish of what your heart makes…

6. I would like to have musholla room inside my house. So, the next room that should be there in my house is musholla, the place for praying as a moslem with my whole family and maybe our guests when they visit our house. It doesn’t need to be large but comfortable for praying. If possible, I will give the place for wudhu (taking a holy water before praying) beside it. Some designs of musholla room I’ve been collected from the internet like below;

7. I would like to have a unique design of cupboard for my dolls. Honestly, I love dolls. I want them being well organized in a beautiful cupboard and matched with the room decoration itself. In my head, I imagine that I will categorized them according to the same color and put at the same place so that they will be merge with the interior decoration. I also imagine if the dolls storage could be used as a space divider… Hmm..it will be more interesting 😀

8. I would like to have a small yard of mini beautiful cactus. They could brighter my eyes every I’ve seen them because of their beautiful colors and beautiful forms. Maybe it is something like a miniature cactus farm in front of the house. It will make everybody smile when visiting our house.

9. I would like to have some wallpaper design inside the house but combined with plain bright paint. Some ideas of the combination between plain bright paint and wallpaper design I’ve found on the internet such as;

10. I would like to have good air circulation so that it needs a big window and door that separated the family’s room and our lovely mini garden.


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