10 Things I Dream about my Little Future House – Part 1

The time always turn excitedly every I have day dreaming about my Little future house. Why little? because I loved something minimalist and not too big house actually, I’m scared being alone in a big house :D. That’s why I love something simple but war and make me comfortable to live inside. Hopefully I could  make it happen… No no no, not “I” but “We”, because I live with my husband now… 😀

1.  I would like to have my house dominated with “blue”. It has high ceiling so that the house will have good air circulation. In the afternoon also won’t need to switch on the lamp cause it will have enough sunshine entering the house. Below pictures are some inspiration for me to built the house as looked like;

My dream house less than 2 years for my little family 😀

My dream house when I have bigger family with children 😀

2.  I would like to have beautiful arranging frames on the wall with my family’s photo inside of them. It would be special if I could exhibit my edited photos there. The design arrangement is more likely below, however it could depend on your creativity and imagination.

Great idea on arranging frames on the wall, I also would love to have one 😀

3.   I would like to have my own bookshelf in my family room. I want a lot space for my book collections so I could keep them and easy to look for the books when I needed.

4. I would like to have my little minimalist kitchen. This place will become Mommy’s space, a space to cook the breakfast for my husband and prepare the dinner after office. It also will be place for learning to become a good wife and mother to serve and cook healthy food for families.

5. I would like to have small garden behind the house.

So lovely right here to share my own dreams. Would you like to share your own dream house?


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