Let’s Learning How To Dance in The Rain

Sometimes you feel that you’ve already given the best of you, showing everyone what you’re good in, hiding everyone what you’re feeling sad in. However, not everyone feels the same as you. There is no appreciation or just a little bit of keeping good faith on you. Though it happens uncontrollable and suddenly breaking your happily days… Don’t Cry! What you’re gonna do is just standing up in front of the mirror and say this to yourself:

Life is not about waiting for the storm to past…
It’s about Learning to dance in the Rain…

It also can happen on me. What I’m trying to share is we have our own life, so make the best of it. Don’t even try to become like them who bring you down, bring you fall… SMILE and prove that you aren’t the same with them. Doing something positive and never let someone down because of your saying. Keep your words on polite way always, whatever the situation is. Then you will gonna appreciate yourself even better than others.

 Write it down upper your bed, so words gonna follow you on your dreams while you are sleeping.

Hanging it on the wall next to your working space so you will stay focus on your good life.

Post it on your wall and let everyone knows and get the same inspiration as you.

Finally, frame it in your heart…

Don’t ever let your heart getting worse on something bad day happened in your life. Find your best friends, hug them and say that you will love them as long as you live and will never let them hurt, cause you’ve already knew that hurt feelings is really the worst feeling ever… and you’ll never let everyone feels the same because of you…


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