Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections – Part 4

Nowadays, pashmina and hijab styles are growing up more and more. Many hijabers created their own creative style in using hijab, but most of them haven’t sharing the tutorials. Some of my friends asked me to post again the tutorials I’ve collected from the internet so they could have some adding inspiration beside collecting hijab tutorial books. While being beautiful hijabers come easier, don’t forget to get the essence of being hijabers that is being closer to Allah Swt.

Here I’ve collected more originally comes from Malaysian blogs;

Short hijab styles in above tutorial could be perfect worn in such casual hanging out with friends. The hijab will make you look more beautiful without precluding your  beautiful dress stands out.

This cute style could be matched worn at school time, during lecture time or course time. It is casual, polite and comfortable to wear while we are studying and meet the lecturers. For Beautiful Hijab Brooch Collections, klik our first July “Flower Blossom” Collections.

Hijab styles above right to wear in casual evening out with friends. The red one also could be perfect style when we come into such friends wedding invitation.

The above styles are sweet and polite when we go to our family’s house or neighbour’s house.

Pashmina style also considered as one of the model hijab styles, some of them are long enough and sometimes we are confuse how to wear it as hijab. Try to wear like the above style and find the easier way on wearing it. 😀


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