Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections – Part 2

Have you tried one of the previous hijab tutorials? Hopefully it may help you to improve your creativity and ideas of wearing hijab. The next tutorials I loved came from one of famous hijab online shops in Malaysia, scarfsweethoney, the hijab were so adorable and beautiful. It looks comfortable to wear and I thought many ideas could be found there to help you in creating your own style. Let’s check the tutorials below:

The above style looks beautiful to double the long  scarf overhead with two combination col0urs horizontally.

This flower scarf looks fabulous to wear such as hair down in our head 😀 . For Beautiful Hijab Brooch Collections, klik our first July “Flower Blossom” Collections.

This combination between plain scarf and motif scarf also looks beautiful to be wore in simple way as above style. 😀

This is one of my favorite styles, the long pashmina could be wore in such cute and cool.

When I tried this style, it looks a bit harder than the others, however you will be look elegant and mature after successfully wear it.

What do you think about the above style? yeayyy… I love it so much, the ribbon is so cute, is it?

Don’t wait too long, let’s try the styles and find your comfort styles and be more confidence. But remember that beauty is not just in the face, beauty is also not just because of the styles, beauty is coming from inside the heart. Have a nice day 😀


3 thoughts on “Beautiful Hijab Tutorial Collections – Part 2

  1. sallam??????????/ i realy love your website its soooooooooooo gooooood……….im afghan but i stil love this website it so great for muslim people. 🙂

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