Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes, when Hungry.

Tonight I have late dinner due to heavy rain after my office hour so that I couldn’t back home directly. After I arrived home, I was trying to find something which I can cooked them fast inside my refrigerator. I remembered that I have minced meat, green tomatoes, onions and after I opened my upper cabinet on my kitchen set, I found spaghetti and bolognese sauce of La Fonte on it. So, let’s get started cooking spaghetti bolognese. I’m impatiently.

This is it… Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoes ala Chef RiaCestaLily… 😀

This simple spaghetti took only 15 minutes to serve. The secret is on the bolognese sauce because I’ve bought it on supermarket and it ready to cook :D. However, I will try to cook the spaghetti sauce from the raw ingredients next time. But that’s okay to share the recipe in my post today. Hopefully you enjoy my simple recipe 🙂

The ingredients:
– Spaghetti La Fonte
– Bolognese Sauce La Fonte
– Green tomatoes
– Salt
– Minced meat
– Cooking oil
– Onion
How it cook?
– First, slice thinly the onion and green tomatoes
– Second, boil the spaghetti
– Third, stir fry the minced meat and put a little salt on it
– Fourth, put the onion, green tomatoes, and bolognese sauce into minced meat until they’ve cooked
Simple Spaghetti Bolognese with Green Tomatoesis ready being served.

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