It’s Beautiful Strawberry Fields in Malang, East Java, Indonesia

After I had successfully have an experience to pick apples from the trees, now I want to feel the experience of harvesting strawberries from a large strawberry fields. The location is next to the place of Agrowisata Apples in Batu, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. so we did not need much effort to go there. Although it was not the right time to harvest the strawberries, but some of them have already fully colored which mean they were ripe enough to be harvested.

We will find a beautiful entering door decorated with a big strawberry before we go to the strawberry fields. I love that design, I believe that it will attracted more people to come for obtaining a little experience of harvesting strawberries. How to harvest strawberry from its plant? It will be better for us to pull strawberries from the plants by snapping them directly above the berry rather than pulling the berry itself. Because strawberries are easily getting bruise, keep the strawberries in a cool and shady location.

Here I’ve got my first strawberry. It takes a while to find the red ripe strawberry in the fields. It’s beautiful. The strawberries plants were grouped in a bag full of soil and arranged by line. The staff said that the aims to do those ways were making easier on the treatment of the plants every day, also were making easier for harvesting them.

My mom is also trying to pick up by herself, she is looking for the bigger one than mine. Hihihi :p

These strawberries will ready to be cooked after we gather some enough. For the next chance, I will post how much variant of foods could be made from strawberries


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