Exploring Suramadu Bridge #Surabaya-Madura

This is my first experience to feel crossing Suramadu bridge which is connecting Surabaya City in the east of Java Island with Madura Island. The length of the bridge is for about 5.438 m and being considered as the longest bridge in Indonesia. Before the bridge was built and started its operation on June 2009, people were crossing the sea by using Ferry and Speed Boat. But now, they could easily go to Surabaya by car or motorcycle through the bridge.

In the morning the bridge looks like beautiful, the sea around it also seems clearly and widely. It’s pretty cool. When I across the bridge by car, I have to pay for toll ticket as much as Rp 40,000 both the direction towards Madura Island and the direction towards Surabaya city. It tooks 10 to 15 minutes to across the bridge.

In the night, the bridge seems more beautiful because it decorated with many lights along the each side, and the lights could change its colour in the middle of the bridge. It made the night became more romantic especially on Saturday night 😀

Besides the beauty of the bridge that could attract people for coming and crossing the bridge so that the bridge now become one of the tourist resort in Surabaya-Madura, it also could increase the economic growth, trade, employee opportunities and welfare for the surrounding communities. Above of all, it shows the world that Indonesia could build the beautiful bridge that connecting two islands and makes us proud to be Indonesian! 😀


2 thoughts on “Exploring Suramadu Bridge #Surabaya-Madura

  1. Hi ria,
    mau nanya donk … image ini resolusinya besar ga ?
    punya image2 yg lain jembatan suramadu ga ?
    please feedback secepatnya ya 🙂


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