The beautiful Tidung Island will never been forgotten

I still remember when I visit Tidung Island with my bestfriends, which is located in Thousands Island, Jakarta, Indonesia. The beautiful beach and its coral fused into unforgettable panorama which everybody who already been there would be feel the same with me. I really missed the time when I was there.

Together with my friends, we acrossed the sea for about three hours from Muara Angke port to Tidung Island by using an engine boat. We spent the time by playing cards game inside the boat so we could forget the seasick for a while. Sometimes we could see dolphins jump out of the sea in pairs. So beautiful…

The more amazing moment when we arrived at Tidung Island is after we saw a long bridge that connecting Big Tidung island into Small Tidung Island. The people called it “Jembatan Cinta” or Love Bridge.

The myths said that when someone jump from the love bridge into the sea, their love will be lasting forever. The young people there like to jump from the love bridge which is approximately 8 meters above the sea.

At the first time seeing the people jumping I feel so scared, how if they never come out from the deep blue sea anymore? But as long as one by one of my friends is trying to jump with all their courage, then suddenly I also want to try it, maybe it will be once at a life time. Why not? Unfortunately I don’t have any good captured when I was jump, and I don’t want to repeat it once again, hahaaa… so scared. Below is one of my friends that jump at the first turn.

Do you want to feel the same experience?

Actually, it was pretty cool… 😀


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