Classifying messy files inside my desktop into sightly files

For the next one month ahead I will join a JFA training outside my office from February 13th until March 9th 2012, and will not available at my desk. That’s why, I think that I should organize and tidy up my files in the computer. So when my friends need some data from my desktop, the files will be easier to find.

First step, I look inside my documents and data, Oh My God… so messy… you can check it out below:

Especially files in my Google Talk Receive Files, they are not in orderly manner. One by one of the files have to be classified according to their contents and types of the files. For example, you have to make “new folder” for files that do not have “home” before, then group them by type or by date depend on your need. I suggest for not making so many folders at the window we open at the first time. Organize them into master theme such as Music, Office Data, Archive etc. Inside of the master theme files you can fill up more folders than folders considered as master theme.

The next step to make your organized files more beautiful, you could change the icon into beautiful icon. Here is how it works:

1. Download the icon you like from the internet, for example: or you can find other websites that provides free icon to make your files look more stylish and funny.

2. Choose the icon you love, and I suggest to find icon with “ico” format, so that you can directly use the new icon to replace your old icon. After you find the icon you love then save it to the destination folders and extract the files from “rar” files into “ico” files.

Extract files

3. Go to your files that have been organized and right click the folder that you want to change the icon. You will find properties, and go to “Customize” and Click “Change Icon”.

4. Browse the “Ico” file that you’ve already download it from the internet.

5. Finally, your files have been organized and looked beautiful. Hopefully this way could improve your passion to work at the office and increase your working performance. Good Luck! 😀


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