Designing “Cover” project during my office Leisure time

The clock is showed at 4.30 pm after having an internal meeting with my colleagues, I still have for about 30 minutes to go home on time. But, suddenly my friend’s boss asked me to help them design the cover book of financial report 2011. I’ve been working at Financial Planning Division, General Inspectorate,  Ministry of Finance since November 2010 and become parts of Financial Budgeting Division with my three other colleagues. Most of the time I’m dealing with numbers, report, finance, budget and much more.

However, I will be very happy if I could help them in accomplishing the assignments especially in design matters such as brochure design, cover design, banner or standing banner. I think that it could refresh my brain from seeing numbers all day long. What a lotta love to do that 😀

Cause I feel that I’m not really busy at this time, I’m trying to help them design the cover as good as I could. Hopefully they will love my design and for me it will be the place for improving my ability in creating cover design. Thank you for trust me to help you in this kind of project. I took for about 20 minutes to have a final touch in this design and here is the result:

Financial Report 2011

I found more enthusiasm and passion for some design and also become one of my hobbies to create something by using photoshop software. Although I never join a course in graphic design but someday I want to expand my ability in photoshop or being an entrepreneur by implementing my hobby in design. Aminen 😀

There were also cover design that I’ve been made in 2011 and I really enjoyed the time making those. 😀

For the resolution of 2012, I will learn more about photoshop including the tools, effects, and layers, about the theory of graphic design, colour tone, and how they can affect the design quality. 😀

” It takes the same amount of effort to make bad art as to make good art, and you won’t know which you’ve madeuntil you release it into the wild. You can continue to refine a work until it doesn’t set off your own quality alarms, but that’s no guarantee that what you’ve made will touch anybody. ”

— Nate Simpson