Happy Monday, Instead of getting all days in vain

After having my holidays on Saturday to Sunday, I have to keep my breath back fully with my spirit for getting up on Monday Morning. The daily routine will begin, should get started to work for the next five days. All activities from waking up, taking a bath, cooking meals for breakfast, riding a motorbike to the office, those are having to be faced every working day. From Monday to Sunday, I think that Monday is the laziest day among others, agree? 😀

Till I’ve got these tips from one of my boss at the office, believe me, it works. He shared few tips for facing the lazy Monday and how to pull up our spirit for working better all day long and for so on.

First, Don’t get mad along your way to office.

There a lot of things that could making you suddenly getting mad along your way to office. When you are taking a train to the office, there’s someone not accidentally hitting on you and she asked for apologize directly. Try to forgive her and keep your smile instead!

Second, Turn your lovely music ON.

Some music we loved could make us feel happier when we played them before we go to the office or turned them on along ways to get to office. I prefer to play some upbeat music for helping my mind and soul feel more optimistic and so motivating. However, that’s up to you for choosing the genre of the music. If you feel music pop, dance, techno, rock, metal, hip hop or others are fitted your personality then that’s okay. Sometimes, it’s not the genre that matters, it’s the pace (or beat). Others maybe because of you like the music due to inspirational lyrics. That’s okay too. Personally, I think the beat does matters.

Third, Greeting your co-workers with smile.

Say Hi to your friends upon your arrival at the office with smiling face and exchange some stories with them about spending the weekend. Hmm maybe you’ll get something or points learned from your friend’s sharing. Create good environment surrounds you and you’ll feel comfortable as part of them.

Fourth, Love your Job.

I think this is the most important for having Happy Monday instead of I Hate Monday. Try to find some reason why you are here with the job you have to accomplish it every day. When we love our jobs, then everything looks easier and happier to do. For me, I thought that I love my current job now, as a civil servants. Although I have to learn from the basic things about goverment and governance, but I enjoy it. I also have more space for developing myself by self studying, reading with great facility in the library, internet, getting some training, knowledge sharing and so on.

Fifth, Thank you God for everything I have.

There always be a reason to say thank you to God because of giving me faith and strength for getting up from problems. Thank you Allah for everything You give. You’re always have a reason behind everything that happened.

Those above are tips sharing today, you also can add the list with your tips that could make your day especially Monday can be called as Happy Monday, that really make your day! 😀


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