The Wedding Preparation (#Part4): Engagement Day

15 May 2011.

Today is my birthday.
Today,, he will come to my home with his big families.
Today,, he will ask to marry me like a story in a fairytale.
Today will always be remembered by us.
Engagement Day.

It’s Sunny Sunday at 9 AM when there are four cars full of his families inside have just arrived in front of my house. My sister’s friend, Jacky, who will be responsible for taking photograph has ready to shoot them get off from the cars and start to enter my house.

“He has already came”, my sister shout at me and it makes me panic, I still have to finish my make up…

“They’ve already sat down at the chairs, you have to come out there soon”, my sister started to worry. “Okayyy,, wait a minute then, I’ll be ready very soon” I talked to her with a little shout.


and finally…

I’m 25 and I’m engaged !




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