The Royal Wedding: Prince William & Kate, Our Inspiration^^

Many people are saying that the theme of The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which held on 29th April 2011 was “Simple and Elegant”. It can be seems from the wedding gown of Kate Middleton was custom by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQuee, it looks pretty and simply elegant. Some experts also give opinion that the wedding gown of Kate Middleton was successfully representing Kate’s personality: plain, tough, pretty and she knows exactly what she wants. Kate Middleton looks very stunning, so gorgeous and so lovely wore the wedding gown, I love it.

In my opinion, I give her 10/10 for the wedding gown because the important things to wear a wedding gown is reflecting personality. Your wedding gown shows your character. However, her hair looked too simple and I prefer to have the hair tied up to down because I think she would be much prettier. But, overall I love the dress and the simply bucket, a shield-shaped blend of myrtle (the emblem of marriage symbolising the innocence of a bride), lily-of-the-valley (symbolising the return of happiness), sweet William (how apposite, but it also symbolises gallantry) and hyacinth (symbolising the constancy of love). It was designed by Shane Connolly.

Every young girl will love to have a marriage like a fairy tale, marrying a Prince and become a Princess on her wedding day, however only a select few people are the genuine things. Hopefully I could actualize my wedding gown as what I want, simple and elegant, like Kate Middleton, and so do the wedding day itself. I will sacrifice all that I can especially my time to get involved on the preparation much more than only depend on my family or event organizer.

Today, I went to ITC Mangga Dua to have a look some wedding gown for my special day with my bestfriend, Yendistriani. We have a chat for a while in the morning and decide to meet in ITC for walking around at the afternoon. I tried some of wedding gown in some of wedding boutique in third and fifth floor. But, only a few boutique that provides simple and elegant wedding gown with price around 2 million – 4 million. They are:

1. QUEEN :: ITC Mangga Dua Lt. 3 Blok A No. 43 Jakarta
CP/Hp: Adelia / 081310002066
2. Reza Kinaya Collection, ITC Mangga Dua, Lt. 5 Blok A No.91
Hp: 0818964250

I love the second one, the gown is pretty simple but elegant and the owner was very kind. I tried 2 wedding gown there, one in white colour wedding gown and the next in blue colour wedding gown. Oh my God I love both of them… however they only can be sold and cannot be rent. They said that if I want to rent the wedding gown, maybe I should go to:

Silvia Tjong :: Jl. Sukarjo Wiryopranoto (Wedana) No. 68-68A, Sawah Besar, Jakarta Barat. Hp: 0818816263, 021-6255781/6255817/6255877.

Hmm…maybe the next destination, I will go there for a look the wedding gown. If they provide the gown that I love, maybe I prefer to rent it. Below are the wedding gown inspired me… and because I’m a moslem, I want to wear the wedding gown with jilbab.

The Modern Moslem Bride Wedding Gown


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