The Wedding Preparation (Part#1): Wedding Theme

From now on,  we would like to think the ideas about how our wedding celebration that we are envisioning. This will become so excited for us. First time of all, we want to decide “The Wedding Theme”. I start to search over the internet about the theme. When I type the keyword “Wedding Theme”, there are several website provides unique ideas and creativity about what our wedding “look like” and it help us much to pick up one of the best theme that suits our personalities and lifestyle.

Both of us love BLUE. So, the theme color won’t be far from it, however we were still confuse to pick up the color accompany it, from your point of view, which one is better, Tiffany Blue & White, Navy Blue & Silver, or Sky Blue & Chocolate Brown ? ***CONFUSE MODE ON***

Hmm… this is what we found…

Inspiring wedding color ideas & combinations:

Navy Blue and Silver
Emerald Green and Gold or Ivory
Brown, Terra Cotta, and Cream
Green, Pink and Brown
Burgundy and Gold
Sky Blue and Chocolate Brown
Beige and Rust
Rust-Red, Pumpkin Orange, and Off-white
Pink and Black
Dark Purple on Light Purple
Purple and Green

Source: wedthemes

What is the advantage of picking up wedding theme? For us it is important, a theme will guide us in our decisions and selections regarding the best wedding invitation, ideas for wedding favors, food and menu choices, beautiful decorations, as well as finding the perfect location for ceremony and reception, along with so many other critical details.

After we decide it, we can then begin focusing on exactly what we will need to buy and /or make, plus have a better understanding of what vendor arrangements will need to be made. This will save us both time and money in the long run.

Hmm… We find two themes that match with our lovely blue, they are:

Themes#1: Ocean Blue – Sky blue dominated

Themes#2: Winter Fall – Tiffany blue & White

Hmm… and we decide to choose Ocean Blue – Sky blue dominated.

The bride and groom will wear white bridal suit.

and the bridesmaid will wear blue gown as the wedding theme.

The last, the flower bucket, I would love to hold Lily flower or Turquoise Blue Rose. Love it much. Smoooooch…..


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