4 Years of Us…

Time flying by so fast Dear…

Did you realize that it has been four years already you spending your Everyday time with me by the half of this year?

Oh My Dearest, although you knew that our four years have been passed harder than we thought, year by year, but as you could see, today, we are still on the right track to walk on together.

Congratulation Honey,, you are the sweetest person I’ve ever had.

What I almost forget is to say to you these two words that are really worth for our relationship;

“Thank You”

… May be you can count how many times I said thank to you, because it was not much…

I almost forget to thank you for your attention when I got an accident at the first time we met, a broken leg. You brought me porridge every morning before you go to work, you asked me to drink the medicine after it, and you accompanied me home for having better place to support my healthier.

I almost forget to thank you for helping me out from my past, the hardest part of my life. You knew that you love me full with a half of my heart, you said that you’ll be waiting for the rest half of it by giving me time to breath, giving me time to think, giving me time to be alone when I need, giving me time to cry, giving me time to let it go…slowly… but you never forget to always hold my hand tightly, hug me warmly, and give your shoulder for me to cry on.

Thank you, thank you, thank you…because of you, I’m still be here, stay better and not even worse at all.

I almost forget to thank you for always picking me up every day, every time. You always have a time to pick me up when I’m on the way back from my hometown, you always have a time to pick me up after I’ve played with my best friend, you always have a time to pick me up where my motorcycle suddenly can’t ride. You always pick me up when we want go somewhere, and return me home after it.

I almost forget to thank you for always having a great time with my family;

Eid Fitri 2006; you sent a parcel for my family including my grandma,

Eid Fitri 2007; you came to my home after having time with your big family,

Eid Fitri 2008; you came to my home with your father, your aunt, your uncle and your nice nephew and cousin, what a great day! You also surprised me with a ring, a nice one.

Eid Fitri 2009; you came to my home to have family picture frame together.

I almost forget to thank you for helping me moving out from one living house to another one. You helped me search, you helped me moving things, you helped me replace the lamp, you helped me design the room, and you helped me hanging the picture on the wall. You helped me made my room looks prettier.

I almost forget to thank you for accompanying me on my first flight, local and abroad. You helped me n my friends applying passport. Your brother helped us to go to airport in the early morning. You hold my hand when I was afraid when the plane taking off and landing.

You bought me a new cell phone in my birthday,

You bought me a little house for our little family later,,

You bought me a car for always saving me from raining,,,

Above of all, I Hope that it wasn’t too late to say what I should say …

It was a “Thank You”

You make my life easier when everything gets hard.

Thank you so much My Dearest &

Happy Anniversary 4th Years of Us

I Love You.

May Allah always besides you and me,

and also our families.

May Allah shows us the way to reach our dreams together,


Lovely yours,



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